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Advica Travel Club


Travel Secure has joined forces with Advica Travel Club to further support Canadians travelling to the U.S. during these unprecedented and complicated times.

Many Canadians are still planning to head to U.S. destinations this season. In keeping with a longstanding commitment to its support clients, Travel Secure – a well-known and respected travel insurance company – is now offering the perfect complement to travel insurance: Advica Travel Club. This new, membership-based concierge service is designed to provide Canadians with access to the best possible health care while they’re in the U.S.

Those who have made the decision to travel to the U.S., can do so with peace of mind by adding this new service to their travel insurance to fully optimize their healthcare plans. Combined with travel insurance, Advica Travel Club membership ensures that time away isn’t disrupted by unfortunate medical situations that results in returning home or scrambling to access appropriate care.

An Advica Travel Club membership is like traveling with a doctor in the family– a trusted resource to provide the right guidance or solution for medical concerns. The program is supported by Redirect health in the U.S. who have a strong reputation for providing the best on-call advice and support for Americans. Now Canadians traveling in the U.S. can take advantage of this expertise.

Advica Travel Club offers:

  • organization of COVID-19 testing and results within 72 hours prior to travel
  • recommendations on where to get tested to avoid crowded health care facilities which may
  • increase your personal risk and exposure
  • 24/7 virtual access to doctors and nurses
  • prescription refills and new prescriptions
  • diagnosis

Together Travel Secure and Advica Travel Club are working to help Canadians enjoy uninterrupted, safe, smart travel.