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Trip cut short by Irma shows gaps in travel insurance: Roseman

Toronto Star

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What to look for in a credit card travel health insurance plan

Credit Cards Canada

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Travellers, you need this kind of insurance if you have elderly parents

The Globe And Mail

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One snowbird's $35,000 travel insurance surprise: Mayers

Toronto Star

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Travel health insurance: Don’t leave home without it

National Bank

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What to look for in a credit card travel health insurance plan

Credit Card Canada

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What Snowbirds Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Saskatchewan Pension Plan

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Low loonie has snowbirds facing soaring travel medical insurance costs

The Globe and Mail

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How to avoid the pitfalls of travel insurance

The Canadian Jewish News

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How my travel insurance measures up

Retirement Redux: Reinventing Retirement

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Read the fine print: Travel insurance can bring expensive surprises

The Globe and Mail | However much you agonize over your mortgage and investments, double that effort level when buying travel medical insurance.

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Your travel insurance won’t cover newborn’s care: Roseman | Toronto Star

Check out Travel Secure's Presidents comments in The Star on the million dollar Hawaii baby scandal -

A couple got a $1 million bill from a Hawaii hospital after a premature birth. Insurance covers only the mother's care, not the... Click to read more

Travelling with your credit card insurance

"Read the fine print if you're travelling with your credit card insurance." - Click to read more

Travel Insurance - The Most Important Things to Know

It's easy to think about travelling abroad, but as we get older and develop health issues, it's not as simple as that. Depending on your health issues, it could be difficult and very costly to obtain the proper travel insurance coverage needed in the event that we require medical care while abroad. That is why it is so important to find the right insurance policy to fully cover your needs.

The Insured: Testimonial

We are nearing the end of our winter stay in Florida and luckily we have been, for the most part, trouble-free physically. We just wanted to tell you that, when we did need to see a doctor, we have nothing but high praise for Travel Secure. Anytime we phoned Tour Med they were very comforting and helpful. I now have a pretty bad case of bronchitis and was treated quickly and professionally by all concerned. One hopes they will never have to use their insurance but mishaps do happen. Now that we have actually used it, we are pleased to recommend you to all our snowbird friends and family. It is very comforting, when so far from home to have such a wonderful lifeline.

New Kiosk Deployed in Vancouver International Airport.

Travelers are now able to easily purchase insurance through a self-service terminal.


RSA - Taking Flight

Get to know - and understand how to service - today's travel insurance consumer.

Insurance claim denied: how to prevent this from happening to you

Should I shop around for travel health insurance?

Do I really need travel insurance?

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